10 Ways to Save Water in your Garden

Out water resources are precious and as our need for fresh water increases, it has never been more important to use your water wisely whenever you can. Australia is a dry country and changing rainfall patterns and having many areas of out beautiful country in drought means local governments may apply water restrictions to ensure healthy and reliable water supplies now and in the future.

Water restrictions levels may mean limited or even no use of automated sprinkler or irrigation systems and may also limit manual watering by hand and only on designated days and times. It has been found that over 70 % of a household’s water consumption is used on our lawns and gardens and given that a large proportion of Australian households live in dwellings that have garden features, this is an area where some major savings in water usage can be applied.

Most people would be surprised to know that you don’t need a large amount of water to keep your gardens and lawns green and healthy. Proper planning of your garden design ¬†for your local climate and weather conditions, choosing native and drought tolerant plants and making sure that your more thirsty plants are grouped together are just some strategies that you can employ to save water in your garden.

Click the link below to see 10 tips for saving water in your garden.

10 Ways to save water in your garden