Announcing Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping NQ

Townsville, QLD, AU – Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping NQ, is pleased to announce the creation of its website. Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping is a local company with over ten years’ experience in the landscaping business. The company is based in Townsville, QLD and offers different landscaping services such installing irrigation systems, paving, tree and flower planting, construction of outdoor shelters, turf installation, pond installation, and much more. Through its website, Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping NQ hopes to help QLD homeowners turn their idle and neglected yards into the favourite part of their homes.

“We love landscaping. In fact, we are pretty darn good at it. There is something about transforming somebody’s brown, lifeless yard into a stunning, functional and sustainable ‘Oasis’,” says Freedom, owner of Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping NQ. “Oasis Landscaping specializes in many aspects of landscape design and irrigation services, priding ourselves on working closely with our clients to make sure that we understand exactly what you want to achieve. Because the level 3 water restrictions are now in force within the Townsville area, it is more important than ever to have the right landscaping in place to retain the water you have for use on your lawn.”

Because of water restrictions, Oasis can develop a water-smart landscape for any home or property. We often uses irrigation systems that allow minimal water dispersion to avoid wastage where possible. Oasis will use regionally appropriate, low water-using and native plants. Once installed, these plants will require very little amounts of water beyond what normal rainfall will provide. Also, because native plants are adapted to local soils and climatic conditions, they rarely require the addition of fertilizer and are more resistant to pests and diseases than other species are.

Our landscape designer takes care when selecting exotic species, as some may be invasive, which may require more water and could displace native plants. Oasis also will use “grouping” vegetation with similar watering needs into specific “hydrozones”. This reduces water consumption and protects the plants from both underwatering and overwatering by allowing the homeowner to water to each zone’s specific needs. For example, turf areas and shrub areas should always be separated into different hydrozones because of their differing water needs. Oasis also recognizes site conditions and does their planting accordingly. Areas of the same site may vary significantly in soil type or exposure to sun and the wind, as well as evaporation rates and moisture levels. Oasis is always mindful of a site’s exposure to the elements and chooses plants that will thrive in the site’s conditions.

Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping also specializes in retaining wall contracting. A well designed retaining wall can drastically change the look of your property for the better. It can also give back what once was unusable space. A good example is slanting grounds where irrigation and general yard use is not possible. Through a retaining wall, such areas can be reclaimed by creating two or more levels of flat ground. Oasis can design a retaining wall that will beautify any outdoor area. This is done by using different retaining products such as timber sleepers, concrete sleepers, stone, quarry rock, and other products.

Another specialty service undertaken by the landscaping firm is outdoor paving. Paving helps to create beautiful spaces where one can relax or walk over when in the garden. This entails the installation of paving materials such as cobblestones, bricks, slate, etc. Any homeowner will want to spend time in their new stunning paved area. There are so many paving design options for sprucing up an old patio area or creating a brand new outdoor living space with many types of pavers, colors and designs. If you have a small house or crave more outdoor living, paved surfaces will create delightful outdoor space for you to relax, have meals or even host guests. Enjoy the sunlight, the fresh air and the wind in your hair as you spend quality time in your newly-revived garden.

To make their client’s gardens really stand out, Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping NQ also installs ponds. A pond subtly transforms any backyard into a luxury space where the whole family can hang out and relax. Growing fish in ponds is an especially fun addition for homes with kids as the children can take over feeding and watching the fish as a hobby. Oasis Landscaping constructs ponds by excavating land and then installing rocks, pebbles and slate to create a pool area. Once filled with water and topped up with pool-side vegetation, the pond is complete and ready for use.

Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping NQ can create any garden you want for your home. The process starts by going over the main idea to find out what the client wants. The firm then displays some sample pictures to help you select the types of products you would like used in the construction of your garden. After surveying the available space, the landscaping contractor then estimates the work, cost, and time needed to get the job done. When the client approves this estimate, work commences immediately.

Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping NQ has undertaken many types of landscaping jobs all across Queensland. They can build a garden from scratch; they can bring back to life your deserted backyard and they can even convert your garden from one look to another. Whether you want the whole garden worked on or just need to improve on specific areas, they have you covered. No job is too big or too small for them. They also work on custom orders, so if you’re looking to achieve a certain unique look, they can help you realize it.

Landscaping services are a valuable service that helps to make the outdoor space lively and enjoyable for all. Landscaping also makes one’s home portray the style and character of the homeowner. And in doing all that, the process helps to increase a home’s value and stature.

Company Information

Oasis Irrigation & Landscaping NQ
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