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This is an important project in your landscaping design and having a proper retaining wall design is a must to ensure this large financial investment will be around for many years to come.  A beautifully constructed Retaining Wall is useful for a number of reasons. Typically a retaining wall is used on sloping land around your house. Simply put a retaining wall is a structure designed to keep soil and gardens in place and can help create usable outdoor space that originally had a steep slope. Retaining walls are also used to create a garden bed and can add interest to an otherwise flat yard.

The most common reason for building a retaining wall is too create usable space from a sloping block. Almost anything you want to create in your yard requires a level surface – pools, patios, kids playing area and gardens. A retaining wall can give you back that space.

Why Use a Retaining Wall

  • Reclaim unusable sloping space
  • Stabalise and prevent soil erosion
  • Prevent water runoff
  • Beautify your property

Types of Retaining walls

    • Block Retaining Walls
    • Rock & Boulder Retaining Walls
    • Brick Retaining Walls
    • Wood Retaining Walls
    • Concrete Retaining Walls

There really is no end to the benefits of constructing a Retaining Wall however care must be taken to ensure your investment is constructed with the right materials and by a professionally licensed contractor.

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